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In 2009, Sophie Thomas was announced as the winner of the Central Saint Martins and Eva London Ring Design competition. Her industrial and contemporary designs stood out with their beautiful and subtle references to the colleges and graduation they commemorate.

"I wanted to create something simple that you could wear easily for a lifetime."
Sophie Thomas speaking to the Clothes Whisperer

"(Sophie's) design was modern yet classic... it will be in production for years and can easily be adapted to accommodate different stones. She demonstrated an aesthetic sophistication, by subtracting elements from the design rather than adding to it, which I thought was a very mature answer to the brief."
Colin McDowell speaking to the Clothes Whisperer

"(Sophie's design) was just my favourite... it was effortless"
Maria Francesca Pepe speaking to the Clothes Whisperer

"We deliberately left the brief quite open to see how far the concept of a graduation ring could be taken and the students embraced this."
Anna Jewsbury speaking to

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